Monday, 22 August 2011

Durch (Through)

One World Flag 
Idea by Juan Matias Schüttenberg

There are currently more than 193 flags representing the nations of this earth.
I am weaving all of these flags together in a metaphor of inclusion, equality and strength.
I am seeking the collaboration and support from Avaaz and for Avaaz future publication, to offer a social  and presencial campaign to add as a visual art piece made with people together.
 I'm searching for people who wants to build a one flag that is gonna be sew together with all the flags from the world in one piece, that is looking to be presented in a photograph for begin published, (maybe as a cover publication campaign for Avaaz?) so the idea is to  propose this campaign to you, and to search how we can participate together to make it possible.

As an act of unity, self vision, integration, acceptation, respect.
As a strength for those who believe in progress, in the power of opinion and social participation, in the wish for better world, a world in which we want to feel in part as creators and developers from it, a world where our questions can be answered, our dreams could be supported, and where cultures can be mix together.

What is needed to do:
Find the flag form each country.
Get together a team to sew the flags together.
make a video and 1 professional image photography to use as Campaign cover, where the flag is, and the people who worked together are around it working on the flags.
Publish the action.

Public Art
Communicating Development

A temporary, but extensible and portable stairs installation in the center of Berlin at the Berlin Wall. The artistic installation reinforces the historic reunification of semantically as a symbol of transformation and development.

The Berlin Wall is a monument of history, recalling the boundary between two blocks within a global city. Repealed in the rest of the Berlin Wall is still a kind of symbolic of the Cold War Shard visible, which has been already re-contextualised in a free Berlin. 
The bridge is the one revaluing the fragment of the wall and symbolically, it also allows too literally to find a bridge and a perception of urban space from a different perspective. As a kind of viaduct 
The wall fragment is a listed building and therefore it is not affected by the construction of the bridge. But it will visually and historically an overlay with a new filigree design that will be as a basis for art. Alternatively, it is possible to provide a scaffold for some segments with vertical gardens. 

With a subtle definition on with natural decoration, as garden plants. Materials as Steel, wood, filigram, industrial material, recycled material are the sustain for this instalation.

The installation is an art medium in a central segment of the wall as a 30 meter long staircase object. The construction runs laterally and above the wall and not touching the wall as a historical monument. The installation represents a bridge is a symbol for a unit that is open to the world. It reinforces the importance of the staircase as a symbol for progress. 

                               Tool art exhibited in the centre of the wall as a 30mt stairs, The piece its placed over and aside the historical Monument.               Not interfiering with it.

The vertical greening is a subtle characterization of the project as a kick start for an urban transformation, with prospects for multiculturalism in a democratic era. The staircase is in an art installation representing this object that allows all citizens to cross the wall as a bridge and thus strengthens the social identity. 
Engagement, redefinition of public space, a message within communication, are the base of  Durch.
                                   Some Materials: Metal, WoodUpgraded filigree, industrial materials through art, 
                                   recycled materials, plants.

A project supporting The International Creators Festival Germany  .
Idea: Juan Matias Schüttenberg.
Architecture Desing: Biljana Stefanovska

" D u r c h "
Kunst im öffentlichen Raum, Kommunikation und Entwicklung

Die Projektidee hat den Namen „Durch“. Es ist eine temporäre, jedoch erweiterbare und übertragbare Treppeninstallation im Zentrum von Berlin an der Berliner Mauer. Die künstlerische Installation stärkt semantisch die historische Wiedervereinigung als Symbol von Transformation und Entwicklung.

Die Berliner Mauer ist ein Denkmal der Geschichte, welches an die Grenze zwischen zwei globalen Blocks innerhalb einer Stadt erinnert. In dem aufgehobenen Rest der Berliner Mauer ist symbolisch noch eine Art Scherbe des Kalten Krieges sichtbar, welches im freien Berlin bereits rekontextualisiert worden ist.
Die Brücke wird zum einen das Fragment der Mauer auch symbolisch umwerten, zudem ermöglicht es auch wörtlich das Überbrücken und eine Wahrnehmung des Stadtraums aus einer anderen Perspektive. Es ist auch eine Art Viadukt.
Das Mauerfragment steht unter Denkmalschutz und deswegen wird es von der Konstruktion der Brücke nicht angetastet. Es entsteht aber optisch und geschichtlich eine Überlagerung durch eine neue filigrane Konstruktion, die als Unterlage für Kunst sein soll. Alternativ ist es möglich, einige Segmente mit einem Gerüst für vertikale Gärten vorzusehen.

Die Installation ist ein Kunstmedium in einem mittleren Segment der Mauer als eine 30 Meter lange Treppenobjekt. Die Konstruktion verläuft seitlich und über der Mauer und berührt nicht die Mauer als historisches Denkmal. Die Installation stellt als Brücke ein Symbol für eine Einheit dar, die offen zur Welt ist. Sie verstärkt die Bedeutung der Treppe als Symbol für Fortschritt.

Die vertikale Begrünung ist eine subtile Charakterisierung des Projekts als ein Kickstarter für eine urbane Transformation mit Perspektiven für Multikulturalität in einer demokratischen Ära. Die Durch die Treppeninstallation ist dies repräsentiert in einem Kunstobjekt, das allen Bürgern ermöglicht, die Mauer als Brücke zu überqueren und somit die soziale Identität stärkt.

Soziale Partizipation, Engagement, Redefinition von öffentlichen Räumen, eine Botschaft innerhalb der Kommunikation sind die Grundlage des „Durch“-Projektes.

Materialien:Metall, Holz
Eigenschaften:filigran, industrielle Materialien durch die Kunst aufgewertet, rezyklierte Materialien, bepflanzt

4th April 2011

In the beginning of century new accessions across Europe, and the world, create new centers of sociocultural and professional exchange.
This exchange its reflected in the ways of guests and natives of living day after day.
From spontaneous musical accessions, to contemporary exhibitions.
From the formation of sustainable ecologically groups, to original social protests.
From classified information in view of citizens, to new socio-political perspectives.

 A company based on the respect for the neighbor, the maintenance of the culture as principal base of civil expression, and the environmental care, among other things, do of a region, a relevant place for the new global accessions.

After having resided in Spain, the artist, it embarks in a new horizon. To know and to learn legacies of culture in Europe and surroundings, forming his stamp in the work with the people.

 This Exhibition called "Out There" proposes a space to the spectator to express across images from the world around: Germany, Spain, France, Holland, Argentina, and the subconscious of artistic imagination.

For the persons who approach the sample, we have placed an urn in which you can express your idea and reflection.
That reflection or idea expressed with major significant tone in relation to the sample, will make this person a creditor of a piece to choice of the exhibition as participative gift.
From a word, a drawing, a text, a photo, etc.

If you would like to mirror the exhibition/event to other areas, cooperate with the idea, and exchange the material.
please write before 4th April 2011, email or comment in this event to include in the local presentation, valartpro(at)

Take part with us in this itinerant Exhibition!
With support from:

Collaborative international event Aiming to present a festival combining physical and online participation
With: Artists, Philosophers, Designers, Institutions – various strata of society participating together.
Our objectives:
+Find and share new values for social integration, break down walls of exclusion.
+Take conscience of the possibilities for Sustainable Open Content Collaboration
How many creations could we find in the world every day that inspire other people?
If you think you are able to create and share inspiration, come to the calling event to become part of this project. Unite forces with artists, researchers, creators and professors:
.With ideas and dreams presented in artworks to be integrated into public spaces
.With special workshops for youth in communities as an integration tool
.With musical participations from renowned artists
.With multiple exhibitions around the globe linked to the project
.With technological and philosophical conferences discussing new ideas of progress
.With the inclusion of visitors as a direct part of the project presentations
We would like to reinforce and expand our team so as to share:
Ideas about Sustainable Open Content Collaboration
Open exchanges of free knowledge
We are openly brainstorming ideas and looking for different perspectives concerning what Values we have today, and how we can enforce new values by integrating people from different social strata and work together into a shared goal:
Conscience of the possibilities of Open Content Collaborations
Search for Sustainability
Objectives to focus on within the open calling for collaboration event also include:
. Project Sponsoring.
. Project Sustainability.
.Web development, to interconnect collaborations from the world over via a networking platform (thus also obtaining  an online form of continuity)
. Artist, designers, creators sharing ideas related the project
. Free knowledge sharing, open workshops for youth in communities
. Community skills, re-evaluating the constitution of hierarchies as we know them
. Architects translating the artistic creations into public spaces
. Multilingual Communication in an effort to extend the community trust (translation and proof-reading)
. Team Organisation (definition of roles, horizontal organisation)
. Project Organisation (global linking of the projects)
. Network building (gathering relevant contacts in administration, sponsoring, media, etc.)
If you feel related to these words, if you are a creator, and if you are interested:
We’ll be introducing our philosophy of work, along with the artists already involved
and the possibilities for expansion.

Phase 1: Going to The Roots

Thursday October 28th 2010 : a first step into this project
We started and accomplished a work of art. Ten children from the Fusion Street Manege ( collaborated and spontaneously recreated the Berlin Wall, transforming it into Stairs in the shape of one multiple colourful piece. The general aim of our project is to implement creative ideas into the real world. In the future we would like to submit this project to the German State, wishing to modify public space and turn part of the actual Berlin Wall into a symbol of hope and integration.




Going to the Roots:  (young integration)

Young art school students cooperate in project constructions and create pieces to be exhibit within the event.

 Objective = Integration

The project studies society in its daily life, brings it into practice and interacts with it. One of  objetives of integration is that we are looking to set free collaborations together, with clear roles, but without an  enforcing of hierarchies. 
Recreate a small world, where the dreams of the creators, can become a part of a sustainability ending for the city and for the conscience of the visitors who assist to the event.
We bring our experience together with the idea of finding integration, taking the challenge of inspirate others into their own creations, and share the knowledge we achieve into our pieces.

Importantly, access to the event is considered to be a privilege granted free of charge, but only to visitors accepting, in exchange, to take part upon arrival in a creative and open collaboration.
The first person wishing to assist will be obligated at the entrance to express an idea in relation to the theme/s: Values, Art, Progress – this idea must be expressed either as a written word or as a picture. The word or picture thus created will then be submitted to the next visitor, who will in turn be asked to react with whatever word or picture it inspires him. Each person wishing to enter (with the exception of the staff, the artists and the speakers) will be required to participate and to allow the resulting word or picture to be published. A chain of ideas will be initiated as a result, and the participations will be displayed on a wall prepared for this purpose within the exhibition.

A donation box will be present as a result of a previous workshop with the youth community The idea is to find a connection with the young public through a shared artistic activity, allowing them to focus their energy on creating the donation box, considered to be one of the works of art. We are working also to elaborate a means of crowdfunding, to receive direct online donations for the further development of this project.

The project mainly centres on the theme of "Values". On the opening night, a discussion will be held together with Professors and Professionals of Art, Philosophy and Technology. We are looking to find and gather new ideas about the cultural and personal values which the world of tomorrow will hold:

- Which values do we have today, as part of a society served by ever growing facilities of communication?
- Is Art today still a social inspiration, as it was previously in the wake of cultural movements?
- What is the future of social networks?
- How much decision-making power do consumers today possess with regards to financial investments into this technological era?
- What is Crowdfunding, and what results can it bring in new cultural business ventures?

The list of Artists, Speakers, Musicians, Partners and Collaborators below is only a state of the art: our project is based on open collaboration.
If you would like more information, or if you wish to be part of the listed people supporting our project....

Special Thanks to unforgettable partner: Sarah Phister

Organisation and Implementation
Juan Matias Schüttenberg
(+49) 017639331140